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Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum
Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum
Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum
Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum
Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum
Roopayur Vitamin C&E  Serum


Roopayur Vitamin C&E Serum

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Roopayur Vitamin C and E Serum 

Vitamin C has been known for its remarkable properties that help restore a youthful glow to your skin by allowing it to fight free radicals, a primary cause of premature ageing. The Roopayur Vitamin C and E serum act as a powerful age fighter with anti-inflammatory ingredients that leave behind glowing and soft skin.

Benefits: Here's a list of some benefits offered by the Roopayur Vitamin C and E Serum:

  • It contains antioxidants that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles brought on by environmental damage or exposure to harmful sun rays. The outcome is youthful-looking skin with more radiance. 
  • It has the power of Vitamin E that aids the skin repairing process and leaves behind glowing skin. Regular usage will lead to skin restoration and rejuvenation. 
  • Since it’s free from all harmful toxins like parabens and mineral oil, you can use it without worry. 

Formulation:  It’s combined with natural extracts and high-quality ingredients that make this product worth its value. The ingredients used are gentle, and your skin is bound to love it. 

Ingredients: This unique serum has been formulated with naturally derived ingredients such as organic aloe vera gel, vitamin E, glycerin, organic rosehip oil and chamomile extract. These ingredients are not just 100% ayurvedic, but they’re also safe for all skin types and aid in brightening your skin. 

How to use the serum:

Step 1 - Put some serum on the tip of your finger

Step 2 - Apply it gently on your face using a circular motion 

Step 3 - Use it twice a day for optimum results

Be ready to embrace glowing skin, free from wrinkles, acne and fine lines. If smooth glass skin is your goal then Roopayur Vitamin C and E Serum should be in your cart right now!