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Roopayur Facial Hair Removal Mask


Roopayur Facial Hair Removal Mask

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Don't want to deal with burns, ingrown hair, skin darkening, or physical discomfort while removing facial hair?Let's do our part by learning and making use of this freshly handmade Roopayur facial hair removal black sugar face mask to get rid of the unwanted facial hair. Shaving and depilatory creams are only used to remove hair. The skin may become dry and irritated as a result of this.
When you use our black sugar face mask,it not only tightens ,lightens the skin giving it a healthy glow , but it also removes hair when you wash it off. Enhances the appearance of skin and reduces hair growth to a greater extent. With the natural method eliminate your facial hair and you can enjoy the lightened skin tone.
Besides this face mask is made with 100% natural ingredients and has absolutely no side effects on your skin.


 If you have sensitive skin, this will be perfect for you and even for all skin types as it has 100% natural ingredients.
 It has ingredients that will fight bacterias and helps in deeply nourishing the skin, giving it a healthy glow.
 It will give you a brighter skin tone.
 Most importantly now you can remove your facial hair without any difficulties.


Sugarcane extract-
1) Help reduce and cure skin problems.
2) Exfoliates the skin which eliminates chance of acne buildup. 3) Fades blemishes and dark spots.
Rose water-
1) It balances skin’s natural oils.
2) It has antioxidant properties that nourishes and protects the skin. 3) It helps to naturally hydrate the skin.
Pomegranate juice-
1) Antimicrobial benefits.
2) Gives UV protection. 3) Natural exfoliation.
Jojoba oil-
1) It helps control sebum production.
2) It promotes collagen synthesis.
3) It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Aloevera juice-
1) Helps reduce the frequency and appearance of acne.
2) It's a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that will protect your skin. 3) Helps to moisturize the skin.
Wheatgerm oil-
1) Highly nourishing.
2) Helps repair cracked scarred skin ,while restoring its even skin tone. 3) Helps in repairing skin cells which are often damaged by UV rays.
Activated charcoal-
1) Helps in removing bacteria and other impurities from your pores. 2) Controls oiliness.
3) Gives your skin a healthy glow.
Carrot juice-
1) It protects your skin from UV rays. 2) It improves skin appearance.
3) Reduces inflammation.

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