we all want that No to scars

When a wound heals, it may  eventually turn into a scar.  Facial scars come in numerous  forms and may be caused by  injuries, acne, burns, or surgery.  Since your face is constantly  exposed to the environment,  scars on this part of your body  may have a harder time healing.  Acne scars are the result of  inflammation of acne  

blemishes. The acne pore  swells and a breakdown occurs  in the wall of the pore. Some  acne blemishes are small and  the scars created are shallow  and heal quickly. Sometimes  the contents of blemishes spill  into the surrounding tissue and  cause deeper scars.  

Causes of acne scar 

Scars happen because your  body is trying to repair the  acne. How your unique body  responds to a wound  

determines if and how much  scarring you’ll have. The  process of repair includes the  creation of collagen. If there’s  too much collagen then the  raised scars appear. Other  scarring is caused by the loss  of tissue, which creates pits or  indentations in the skin. 

outcome of scars  

Yes, minor discomfort during  and after treatment is common.  Other complications include  changes in skin color, either  darker or lighter. Healthy skin  depends on your diet, lifestyle  practices, and a regular  

skincare routine suited for your  skin type. Internal imbalances  can affect your skin’s health.  The ancient science of  

Ayurveda brings out the most  healthy version of your skin with 

the help of natural remedies. 

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